Dharma Sounds Studio
  • We start the process by having a informal meeting online (or in person), where you describe your ideas, wishes, references and in general what you want your music to sound like.
  • After our meeting, Dharma Sounds work on an estimated timeline, in will there will be containing phases of the music production and review possibility for you.
  • We will send you a mp3 everytime changes are made in the music production so you can follow, what is going with your music.
  • When music is done, you can review the music and suggest changes if there are elements, which you are not 100% satisfied with.
  • When music is 100% approved by you, we start the mix process.
  • When mix is ready, we will perform a mastering of your track (if mastering is ordered)
  • Track is hereby done and we will send you the music in highest quality in Wav and mp3.

    Contact us and we can start discussing how to turn your ideas into your music!